Important Information on Real Estate Tax Notice

2019 Real Estate Tax Notices were recently sent out by the tax collector, Nathaniel Jackson. Unfortunately, due to an error with the Certification from Allegheny County, all notices were sent to the property, instead of the tax bill mailing address. If you are a renter, or a homeowner whose taxes are paid by your mortgage company, please read this important message from the tax collector.

From the Tax Collector, Nathaniel Jackson

2019 Real Estate Tax Notices have been mailed.

Unfortunately, when the Certification was received from Allegheny County, it did not include the name and address of the Tax Bill Mailing Address for the property. 

Therefore, all bills were mailed to the property address and NOT to the Tax Bill Mailing Address, which, in some cases, is the owner or mortgage company.

If you are a renter, please notify your landlord that you received the 2019 Real Estate Tax Notice and forward it to them as soon as possible.

If your real estate taxes are paid by your mortgage company, contact them to verify what address the bill should be forwarded to and promptly see that it is forwarded to them so they can take care of the payment in a timely manner.

We are very sorry for any confusion this may have caused, and are working to make sure that this does not occur in the future.

Any questions should be directed to the Borough’s Real Estate Tax Collector, Nathaniel Jackson by calling 412-276-5653, emailing or by visiting his website at