Planning Commission Meeting – 8/25 @ 7:00 PM


The Planning Commission of the Borough of Heidelberg will meet on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, at 7:00 pm in the Community Center located at 1639 E. Railroad St., Heidelberg, PA  15106. The purpose of the meeting is to review the following:

  • CU-02-2020 – Applicants, BRG III, Genevieve Kastronis and Genevieve Becker Bean are requesting recommendation for conditional use of Lot & Block 101-L-00306 for Beer Distributor D License.
  • SP-01-2020 – Review of the application for the proposed building addition to the Woltz & Wind Ford located at 1800 Washington Street, Heidelberg, PA 15106.

Questions should be directed to Janice Admanski, Manager, Borough of Heidelberg.